Absolute Childcare is a professional but very friendly agency! Our role is to help you secure a vacancy where you are happy!

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Absolute Childcare manage every aspect of the recruitment process on your behalf and specifically to your unique requirements.

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Information for parents

Finding a Nanny to care for your most precious possessions can be daunting… you can trust us to help you every step of the way.

We take lots and lots of care and huge amounts of pride in matching, which is what makes us different.

happy nanny = happy children =  happy parents.

We only represent high calibre, experienced nannies, most of whom we know through recommendation.

Recruiting a nanny is so much more than a skill set, its also about personalities, sense of humour, attitude, common values etc and after 20 years on the business, we know our stuff and  are great at matching.

We promise to only send you CV’s of Nannies that match your requirements, we don’t expect you to filter. That’s our job.  (3-5 CV’s is our average success rate).

Don’t believe us? Check our testimonial page to learn more.

Our support doesn’t end there, once we have found you a Nanny, we will then help you with the legal stuff…. offer letter, contract of employment, payroll set up, plus ongoing support.. appraisals, salary reviews..

Here’s what we do for our fee:

  • Discuss your requirements fully to understand your role/wishes
  • Filter through hundreds of applicants
  • Interview candidates
  • Reference check candidates
  • Arrange interviews on your behalf
  • Provide feedback and support
  • Arrange 2nd interviews for the successful applicants
  • Provide support and feedback
  • Offer advice regarding salaries/market
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Offer letter support
  • Full contract support
  • Payroll support if required
  • Ensure you are fully aware of your responsibilities as an employer
  • On going support

We should mention here that even after all of the above, if we don’t find you a Nanny there is no fee.  Yes really.

We know you  are busy, so we promise that you will only  have to deal with one Consultant throughout the entire process who will fully understand your requirements.

If you can’t talk during the day, we are happy to schedule an evening call once the children are in bed.

Please call if you would like to know more about how we can help, we would love to hear from you.   contact us.

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    Client Testimonials

  • Starting a new career as a Nanny, later in life some people may have found daunting, I thought I would too but having the support of Absolute Childcare has meant it has been one of my best decisions to date! Not only am I now working somewhere I feel truly val…
    Ann Kenning, October 2017.
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