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Childcare vouchers

To help parents get back to work after having children, the government are providing some help with the cost of childcare in the form of Childcare Vouchers – sometimes known as CCVs or Employer Supported Childcare. However please note that parents will only be able to join a Childcare Voucher scheme at work until 2018, as, this is being replaced by the new government initiative named Tax free childcare.  If Childcare Vouchers are currently being used, this can continue for as long as the employer offers them. Furthermore, families cannot use both schemes at the same time.

Who can get the vouchers?

These vouchers are only available if your employer provides them as an employee benefit, which means that many families do not have access to them. However this will be changing with the introduction of the new Tax Free Childcare system in 2015.

Parents can claim up to £243 per month in Childcare Vouchers and if both parents’ employers offer the vouchers, both parents can claim the same amount. The amount that you are able to claim is dependent on how much you earn:

Annual Salary   Amount that can be claimed per month
No more than £41,865       £243
£41,865 – £150,000      £124
More than £150,000      £97

What can I use Childcare Vouchers for?

You can use Childcare Vouchers to pay for many different types of childcare, including nannies. Only Ofsted registered nannies can receive the vouchers. You can find out more about how your nanny can register with Ofsted here.

How do the vouchers work?

Childcare vouchers are made up as a portion of your gross salary and are taken as a salary sacrifice. This means that a smaller portion of your salary is taxed than normal and there is no tax paid on the voucher. This means that once you’ve received your salary and paid your nanny you will have more money left over.

To pay your nanny with Childcare Vouchers, you will need to approach the HR department at your work and ask to start claiming the vouchers. Your nanny will need to register with the voucher provider, and the vouchers will make up a portion of her net salary. Vouchers are provided either as physical paper vouchers, which you will need to give to the nanny, or as electronic vouchers which will be paid over to the nanny automatically.

Step by step guide – claiming childcare vouchers

Check that your nanny is Ofsted registered

Approach the HR department at your work and request the vouchers

You will be sent a ‘welcome pack’ by the voucher provider, including a registration form for your nanny

Your nanny fills out the registration form and returns it to the provider

You will start to receive either paper or electronic vouchers

Deduct the value of the voucher from your nanny’s net pay and pay her the rest as normal

Enjoy the money you’ve saved!

** Information provided by Nannytax.

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