Why choose us?


You have probably already done an initial search of Nanny agencies in your area and may have noticed that we all seem to say the same thing…. ‘personalised bespoke service’, ’peace of mind, ‘thorough vetting’ etc.  We too offer all of these credentials,  but how can you actually know and how do you choose?

Word of mouth

Start by asking friends with Nannies and at groups you attend with your children, they may have heard of Absolute Childcare or used us – we may be a small agency, but we a big and positive reputation that we are very proud of.

Talk to a us

We believe we offer a superior service to our competitors and our clients tell us we do too, but to fully understand you need to engage with us.  Please get in touch to arrange a telephone or video chat, you will then hopefully get a feel for how we work and if you would feel at ease working with us – the partnership is important.

Our service

We work in partnership with our clients and are 100% honest and transparent in all that we do.  We hope this shines through in the testimonials on our website and reviews on google and Facebook, all of which are genuine and verified, hopefully this feedback will offer you some reassurance regarding the service we offer.

Over 20 years in Nanny Recruitment

The Director of the Agency, Sandy O’Neill has recruited Nannies for 24 years,  she is also a Mum to two children (and a dog!)  and has worked as a qualified Nanny and employed nannies – so fully understands the role from all sides.  Once you have worked with us, our support is ongoing – clients call us years after the placement to check on salary levels, redundancy etc and we are always happy to help, plus we never forget a name.   We are always happy to offer advice and support to our Nannies & clients when needed.

An investment in childcare for your peace of mind  

We charge a one off fee – this fee compensates us for our time in finding you a Nanny and supporting you through the process.  The fee is only payable if we find you a Nanny, there is no upfront fee for our recruitment service.  Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for, we are not childcare.co.uk and our service cannot be compared to an online jobs board.  You will be dealing with a knowledgeable, dedicated and human consultant that will find you the best Nannies available in the market to match your specific criteria.

What if things don’t work out?

This is really rare, if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have such an excellent reputation, but no agency can guarantee that every single placement will work out, we are dealing with people and sometimes it doesn’t.

The sign of a great agency is one that offers support and a speedy solution to put things right.   We provide an 8 week replacement period – (you will know in the first week if the match is right) and in the unlikely event that things don’t work out, we will find you a free replacement.

If you listen to your gut and follow our recruitment model regarding first interviews, 2nd interviews, trial periods and reference checks – this is very unlikely – but if it happens, we will work with you to put it right.

The proof is in the pudding

We verbally check references and report back to you on our findings, for the Nanny you recruit, you will be provided with copies of ID and documentation to include the DBS and its verification, plus childcare and First Aid certificates.  We will also ensure the applicant has the right to work in the UK. We check as many references as needed to verify the nanny’s work history – it’s always a minimum of 2, but could be many more.  Our transparency is proof that we have completed the searches.

Interviews and offer

They are consuming to arrange too, so we will arrange and confirm all interview slots and feedback to both parties.  We will also negotiate contract terms and salary and assist you with a contract of employment and payroll support when needed.

An agency  you can trust.

Nanny recruitment is personal, we understand the trust you are giving us to find a Nanny and by choosing us, you are ensuring that the Nannies will be interviewed,  fully vetted, to include a DBS and match your requirements.
Recruitment is a skill and comes from years of recruiting Nannies.

Since the world has gone online, the option is there to recruit independently, but the process is very time consuming and Nanny Recruitment is not the same as corporate recruitment, there is no HR department to follow up with the checks and contract.

We specialise in assisting busy time poor professionals, who want the best childcare for their children.

Nanny recruitment is so much more than reading a CV, anyone with a tiny bit of experience with children can now call themselves a Nanny, but we actually find the professional, high calibre Nannies for you.

Consider this

If you were a Nanny with not so great references – would you apply through a reputable agency or post your CV online…

By engaging us, the applicants not only have to pass our vetting procedure, they also have to pass yours.  Two sets of checks to get through – peace of mind in your children’s care is worth an investment.


We know that your children are your number one priority, finding the perfect Nanny for you, is ours.