Employer Responsibilities

Housekeeper & PA’s


A Nanny/Housekeep is a compromise between a nanny and housekeeper, and as such is responsible for both childcare and housework. A Nanny/Housekeeper usually looks after school-age children and is responsible for the school runs and being ‘on call’ should their charge needs collecting from school or be absent from school due to illness etc. The employer is paying for the Nanny to be ‘on call’ even though the children aren’t there. The average working hours are 7.30/ 8am – 6.30/7pm with some free time during the day and full time childcare during the school holidays. A cleaner is normally employed and the Nanny House Keeper generally maintains the house, house hold laundry, ironing, grocery shopping, organising cupboards and clothes, house hold errands, emptying the dishwasher, (possibly pet care), and generally being available to deal with tradesman, deliveries etc. The duties are negotiable and some Nanny Housekeeper will only cook for the children whilst others are happy to cook for the whole family.


A Nanny/PA is also usually employed by families with older children. The children are the main priority but in addition to childcare, a Nanny/PA may be required to act as a PA to the family and/or a PA to one of the parents in their office while the children are at school. Typical duties may include administration support, booking flights or family holidays, organising car services and repairs, MOT, parking permits, being on hand/overseeing tradesman, post, paying bills, organising dinner parties and organising household staff etc.

Some families incorporate the role of Nanny/House Keeper/PA to create a full time role.

A Nanny/PA can be employed on a Daily or Live In basis

Each family’s requirements are unique so please do call us if you have any questions or queries.


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