Daily Nanny

A Daily Nanny or Live out nanny will come to your home to care for your child or children.  The number of children the Nanny is capable and willing to care for will come down to personal preference and experience.


The Daily Nanny/Live out Nannies primary responsibility is the care of the children, they are there to meet the full needs of the child or children in the parents absence. The role of the nanny is to fulfil not only the general care of the children, but also to ensure they feel loved, happy and secure and are learning and developing in their care.  A Nanny will never replace the love and care of a parent, they are their to fill the gap when parents are unable to be there.


Daily Nanny duties you can expect:

This list is not exhaustive and is a guideline only

  • Taking the child/children to or from Nursery/School
  • Providing activities such as arts and crafts, baking, reading, playing, trips to the park/feeding the ducks, arranging playdates.
  • Assisting children with the homework/reading and supporting children starting Nursery and School
  • Furthering the children’s development through educational play
  • Attending baby classes/groups and other social events
  • Keeping the play areas tidy and organised
  • Sterilising bottles/toys
  • Booking appointments for the children
  • Diary management for the children

Nursery duties

  • Children’s laundry and ironing
  • Nutritious meals and snacks, to include batch cooking for the freezer
  • Children’s bedding (Although some families ask the cleaner to cover this)
  • Replenishing supplies – nappies, creams, etc
  • General organising/tidying of the children’s belongings
  • Keeping the children’s areas and equipment clean (push chairs, high chairs etc)
  • School uniform – sewing in labels, cleaning shoes etc.

A Nanny is not expected to do any heavy housework/cleaning, family cooking or chores not related to the children. If you require this, you may wish to consider a Nanny/Housekeeper.


Working hours for Daily Nanny/Live out Nannies

The average working day for a daily/live out nanny is 10-12 hours per day. The hours are flexible to suit the needs of the family, but a example of hours generally worked are a 7/8am start and 6/7pm finish time.  Nannies can and do work shorter and/or longer hours, this is one of the main attractions to employing a Nanny, the flexibility they offer, plus the convenience of having your children cared for in their own home.

Daily Nannies salary Levels

An average hourly rate for a full time Daily/Live Nanny in London is £12-15 net per hour. The rate varies based on number of hours required (less hours attracts a higher hourly rate) and the qualifications, experience and references of the Daily/live out Nanny.


When nannies and nanny agencies agree a salary they often talk in net wage terms – the amount the nanny has in her hand at the end of the week/month. But in reality the nanny is always paid a gross wage (net wage + Tax + NI), and on top of the gross wage the parents are obliged to pay employer’s NI. Therefore there is a considerable difference between the net wage and the true cost of employing a nanny. Parents are advised to find out the true cost and agree a gross wage to prevent expensive surprises later on.


If you are considering hiring a Daily Nanny we would love to hear from you.