Nanny Housekeeper

A nanny housekeeper is a great option if your children are at part time Nursery or full time school or if a parent is home and would like to take the main responsibility for the children’s care, but needs help with the household duties and occasional childcare.

This is a hybrid role and the duties that a Nanny Housekeeper will undertake varies, when recruiting for this role we need a full understanding of the level of childcare required and the level of household duties required, for both the children and the parents, to ensure the right match. It is really important to fully understand the mix of household duties Vs childcare duties.

So to clarify, the main difference in the roles is that a Nanny Housekeeper will generally undertake household duties for the entire family, not just the children.

This position can either be on a ‘live-in’ basis or daily.

In general the duties include:
• General household up keep/tidying
• Laundry and ironing for the family
• Family meals, to include planning and shopping
• Childcare/babysitting
• Driving (school run, play dates, clubs)
• Errand running (post office, dry cleaning)
• Food shopping/online or in store
• Diary management for the children/appointments
• Pet care if the Nanny housekeeper is a pet lover and has agreed in advance

Please bear in mind that not every nanny housekeeper will be confident enough or willing to prepare an evening meal for the entire family, some will also not be willing to Iron shirts for example or take on the ironing of bedding.

The vast majority of applicants for Nanny housekeeper roles prefer the duties to be child focussed regarding the cooking and ironing, others are more than happy to take on family cooking, so the role is negotiable between the Nanny housekeeper and family. This is why honest and open communication is so important when recruiting for this type of role. Most clients will also retain the services of a Cleaner for the weekly ‘deep clean’ of the house.

We advise you sit down and write a list of the ‘must haves’ and the ‘negotiables’ and then please give us a call to discuss.