Part time Nannies/Nanny shares

Part–Time Nannies

Most Part time Nannies will apply for a part time role to fit in with an existing part time position. They can consist of mornings, afternoons or a mixture of full days. When seeking a Part time Nanny we highly recommend being as flexible as possible on the days you require. In the ideal world it would be perfect if you could find the Nanny and then negotiate the days you can work with your employer!

Part time Nannies are in great demand, to increase your selection of available Nannies please be as flexible as possible! Generally speaking it will be easier to secure a Nanny if your days are together, for example Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, if you opt for 2 days in the middle of the week i.e. Tuesday and Wednesday it will be harder for the Nanny to find a position that will fit in for the other days.

Part Time Nannies are paid the same as daily nannies – £9-12 per hour net. They are also entitled to paid holiday but this is calculated on a pro rata basis depending on the number of hours/days they work.

Nanny Shares:

Nanny shares have become increasingly popular with families who live close enough to one another to be able to utilise the skills and experience of a professional Nanny. The main advantage in this arrangement is that the families share the cost of the Nanny’s salary, tax and national insurance and your child gets a playmate!

A Nanny Share comprises of working for 2 or more families. Typically a Nanny who undertakes this type of work is employed on a ‘live-out’ or ‘daily’ basis and travels to one household to look after the children or alternates between the two homes.

If you are considering the option of a Nanny Share, then please speak to our experienced Consultant, who will be happy to answer the many questions you may have. Nanny shares are a great option, however experienced has shown that they can ‘break down’ if they are not fully thought out and the finer points confirmed from the start.

Holidays and time off – both families ideally need to take the same holiday dates or be prepared to pay for the Nanny to have additional time off if the same dates cannot be organised. The Nanny cannot be expected to have ‘segments’ of her holiday time used up by both families taking different dates.

Where will the nanny share take place – same house/alternate houses? How easy is this to manage – do you have enough equipment, high chairs, cots etc. in both houses or do you need to deliver it to the other shares house at the start of your week at their house? (It wouldn’t be fair to expect the nanny to do this every week).

Will a car be provided? Do the safety seats fit? Do both families agree to pay for the additional insurance/excess/costs? Are you happy for your child to be driven in the other families’ car?

Getting out and about – can the Nanny manage the age range/number of children with ease within the Nanny share? Will it still work in the summer holidays if all children are at home?

If the nanny share is in one house will the other family contribute to food costs/heating etc?

Do both families agree on the basics – activities, meals, hygiene, and discipline?

Do both families get on and agree to share the cost fairly and equally?

What will happen if subsequent babies are born – a nanny will need to have the security of both jobs – can you afford to keep the Nanny during maternity leave? This will greatly affect the childcare set up for the other family!

We can advise on how to make this arrangement work effectively so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Nannies in a Nanny share have two sets of Nursery Duties, two families to negotiate holiday/time off with, provide feedback to etc., due to this they can generally demand a slightly higher salary of £11-12 per hour net, depending on the demands of the role.

After School Care

Before and after school care Nannies are in great demand. Unfortunately they are very difficult to find as the vast majority of Nannies will find it very difficult to secure another role that enables them the flexibility to work for another family from 3pm – 7pm Monday – Friday, full time in the holidays and also be on call should the children get sick and need collecting from school. The salary range is in the region of £10-14 per hour net, depending on the hours/days required.

Due to the lack of available candidates we are currently not able to assist parents looking for Nannies for after-school care.