Rota Nannies

Rota Nanny, UK and International
A Rota Nanny is required to work 24/7 when on duty, on a rota system, for example, 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off.
Rota Nannies tend to work 24/7, but sometimes they are given an allocated work time.
As an example, Nanny 1 works for 2 weeks 24/7 and then has 2 weeks off. Nanny number 2 will then cover for the next two weeks/24/7 and then has 2 weeks off when Nanny 1 returns and works again for 2 weeks.
The rotation time frame can vary to suit the family’s needs, for example 3 or 4 weeks on, with 3 or 4 weeks off.
Rota nannies are hired when families require continuous care for their children. Most Rota Nannies are hired by high profile families who need 24/7 continuous cover due to demanding jobs or commitments. Hiring a Rota Nanny will provide peace of mind to the parents knowing that childcare is fully covered 24/7.
Rota Nannies live with the family during their working rota weeks and are either provided with accommodation by the family or return to their own home.
Rota nanny duties:
• Full responsibility for the children’s care 24/7
• Nursery duties
• Organising the children’s schedule/routine
• Organising fun and educational activities
• Homework and reading support
• Meal planning, preparation and supervisor
• Bath and bedtime routine
• Cover during the night to waking children


The salary expectations vary depending on location and demands of the role, but in the region of £1,000 plus gross per week.